IDI Newsletters

IDI Newsletters

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This is our current issue for 2020

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Archived Newsletters

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IDI Newsletter May – June 2020

Newsletter 2005_06 Web Page 1


  • Where Do We Go From Here?
  • Is 6′ Really Far Enough?
  • Product Spotlight: Covid 19 Dividing Screens
  • More Resources


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Previous 2020 Issues

IDI Newsletter March – April 2020

IDI Newsletter Mar-Apr 2020 Cover Page


  • The New Normal?
  • Copper – The Miracle Metal?
  • Innovative Conference Tables
  • Tools For Your Whiteboard

IDI Newsletter January – February 2020


  • Happy New Year
  • Finding The Dirt In Your Business
  • Product Spotlight – Phone Booths
  • Smartmarker

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