Office Chairs

Office Chairs

Office Chairs come in all sizes shapes and pricing. From the very basic that you’d spend $50 (which we don’t suggest) to $1000+. Of course the most expensive models will do the sitting for you, hehe. No, not really but they do offer some cool features, design details and styles.

We’re giving you a short review of chairs here and other pages will show actual price ranges that we charge and that you will find on the street.

We Ship Across The County

While we are a mid-west based company we can ship chair to all states and if you’re willing around the world. Most of the time freight is free, exports freight is charged. If you like what we have to offer and the way we do business, don’t be concerned that we aren’t next door neighbors.

How Much Should You Spend For Desk Chairs

This is a very popular question and one that is not easily answered. The question that comes back to you is how much do you have to spend. While this may seem to be a sleazy answer it is based on the fact that you could by chairs for $100 to $1000’s. As you ponder this keep in mind that the more you spend the more you get. More money will mean:

  • More options in mechanism and adjustments
  • More style
  • More R&D put into the chair by the manufacturer
  • More fabric options to consider

Our suggestion for your desk chair pricing is going to start in the $275 – $350 range. Within this range you can get many office chairs that will support a wide variety of individuals, have multiple adjustments so the chair can feel just right and provide lots of fabrics. Spending less gets you less and spending more gets you more.

Chair Options to Consider

When looking at chairs you have many different features that we suggest you consider. Here we’ll go through a variety of these and provide some explanation. Please don’t be confused by any of these options, we are always available by email and phone to provide further explanation and details.


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