Product Catalog

Welcome to the IDI Product Catalog.

This is a fast-growing part of our website. We understand that when you are looking for or exploring product ideas for your new space it is sometime frustrating because the information is fairly limited so you don’t really know what your options are.

With our Product Catalog we are providing a base line price along with the range of pricing that the standard product shown fits into. You can use this pricing for your budget so you can have an idea of what you should be spending for your furniture.

The range that you see shown is due to the variables that are part of the product.

The variables are different for each type of product.

For seating they might include:

  • Arm style and function, some chairs would start as armless versions
  • Mechanisms, the part of the chair that tilts and swivels
  • Fabrics, there are usually many options here with the most expensive possibly including leather
  • Base style, many start with a nylon/plastic base and might include a metal version at the high end
  • Caster style

For desks they might include:

  • Materials used to finish, laminate versus wood
  • Paint options, some paint colors increase pricing
  • Handle options if available

As we continue to develop the catalog, we will do our best to give you an idea of the variables for each of the categories so you have an idea of the choices that would need to be made.

Of course, we are always available to assist in discussing and pricing the options so you can have a clear understanding of what your selections would include and the pricing of them.

Should you have any questions we are here to help out.

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