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Cubicles, Human Mazes, Gopher Farms whatever you want to call them, they have changed the face of corporate America for over 40 years and will probably continue to do so for the foreseeable future.
We’ve broken this category down into some broad sections. Clicking each picture below will take you directly to that section.

Cubicle Resources

Materials As with all furniture the materials account for a lot of the difference in cost. We discuss some of the materials used here.

Styles Style has an even greater impact than the materials when it comes to cost. We look at wide variety of the styles available here.

Configurations When it comes to cubes there is very little that cannot be down. Based on 6” increments in widths that is about your only limitation with most cubes available today

Features / Benefits Spend more money get more features to use. Cubes are no different. We look at some of these here.

Budget Considerations How much to spend, good question. With cubes this can be from hundreds to thousands per cube. This times the number of people to be housed can be a substantial number. We discuss some of the considerations for budgeting here.