Office Furniture

Office Furniture For The Modern Office

There have been lots of changes to the office furniture environment over the past 3 decades.  Moving from the dreaded cubicle to the sometimes even more despised “open office” of “desking” layout.  Today’s offices are as individual as the companies they support.

We have been fortunate to help many of our clients improve their environments.  Usually as part of a move to a new space.  This allows for easier decisions to start fresh, change up the layouts, update the colors and throw out, or recycle, the old stuff.

There is no greater thrill for us than to see the eyes light up when employees or associates get a glimpse of their new office space.  Clean, neat, laid out to support their work.  It is very intoxicating and exciting.

Here you will find ideas, pictures and inspiration for the areas of your office. The pictures make for a fun and exciting journey through the categories. This should generate a wealth of ideas as to what you could do.

As you go through some of these pages keep in mind there is a vast number of office furniture manufacturers that we represent.  Each of these manufacturers has hundreds if not thousands of options in each category.  So you are only seeing a glimpse of what is available.  The process that we use at IDI helps to narrow down those choices for you in a logical progression so we keep the overwhelm to a minimum and get you what you are looking for.

Pricing, when shown, should be considered for budget use only. You want to know what your cost might be. We are providing a glimpse of that, but final pricing depends on finishes, options and quantity. Our philosophy is to bring the final price in under budget so in general consider these to be in the “ball park”.

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