Furniture Services

Furniture Services is the backbone of the IDI Process

Yes the furniture is pretty, chairs look great and the installations are orderly and clean.  But without the underlying services none of that happens cleanly.

And you as the PAYING CLIENT want to have as orderly a process as you can get.

So here we cover all of the details behind our process from the furniture through the installation.  If you are a detailed person who wants to know the nitty gritty or suffer from insomnia (this might just be a cure) then you have landed on the right page.

We go into depth of what our process is and how we produce the work for you. This is in many ways what separates us from others in this industry. While lots of companies sell this stuff, very few can tell you the process that they use to make sure things happen consistently each and every time.

So take a gander and see how we work.

By clicking each tab you will see the variety of areas covered by each service. You can go directly to the desired section by clicking the image under each heading.

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