Office furniture is the core of services that IDI offers. We have had lots of experiences in every area of this industry so we have a broad perspective of what furniture means to a variety of clients.

Our short resume (very impressive don’t you think?)

  • IDI has been around since 1993 (20+ years – wow! we are getting old)
  • Some of us have only a few years experience whereas others have over 33-1/2 years while others are really old with 36-1/2 years experience.
  • We have worked on office furniture projects which consisted of 1 chair to projects that were as large as 350,000 square feet.
  • We have provided new furniture, pre-owned furniture and refurbished furniture.
  • While most of our office furniture work is in the Midwest, we have serviced clients from Florida to Seattle and from New York to Nevada – we don’t mind traveling – but we do like warm places when it is cold and cold places when it is hot – so please keep this in mind :-)


We have broken our office furniture into several areas to provide easy access to the information that you want.  Click on the link for more info:


Also, the links below give some more background and provide some insight into how Interior Dimension does business. The topics that we cover here are:

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