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Ok, so you have decided now to buy and you have a handle on what you want to do. This is all good. Let’s look at the more specific steps that are taken to complete the purchase. Much of this is handled behind the scenes. We thought you might be interested in some of this – if you don’t care then you might want to use this as one of those sleeping aids. ☺

We have broken these down into the following categories:

  • Budget Development
  • Drawings
  • Specification
  • Order Entry / Procurement
  • Shipping / Receiving
  • Delivery / Installation
  • Punch List / Resolution



Have you determined what you want or need to spend for your office? If not, this is the place to start. The budget will usually go through several iterations before being finalized, especially if you have not done this before. It is important that your desires match with the market realities to have a successful project for both you and us.

So we start with the list of everything that you want to accomplish with your furniture such as:

  • New cubes
  • Reuse existing chairs
  • New Lobby furniture
  • New break room tables with existing chairs

This is a hypothetical list and yours will probably be different, I am sure you get the idea of where we are going. Once the list is completed we can start to put figures to the items that need to be purchased.

At IDI we use a 3 tier budget showing a low, medium and high value for each line item. This is not a good, better or best review. If you are looking for a desk chair and can only afford $250 for it, we want to look at the best options you can get in this price range. This does not mean that a $250 chair is inferior to a $500 chair. It is critical that it fits the budget.


While we are working on the budget we begin the work in the drawings. At IDI we use AutoCAD which is the most popular program used for our industry. By using CAD we are able to make changes to a plan with relative ease and speed. But the first step is to make certain that we are dealing with an accurate layout of the space that you are going into. A review of the drawing with the space is necessary and it keeps the surprises to a minimum.

As the project progresses there will be a need to get dimensions of areas to make sure items will fit. It is usually not possible to fit a desk that is 72” wide into a space that is 71-3/4”. So verifying these critical areas become very important before the furniture is ordered.


This is the details section for furniture. It is critical that all of the correct products are detailed. This can include items such as: edge details, colors, fabrics, drawer pull options, glass style options, etc. Depending on the furniture that you have chosen there may be only a few or a lot of options to choose from. No worries, we will walk you through all of these.

Order Entry / Procurement

Now that the space is laid out, specifications are complete we can put all of the details into our HAL 9000 Computer so he can spit out the appropriate documents for your to review and approve and for us to place orders with the manufacturers.

Once the orders are placed we will be waiting for manufacturers to send their acknowledgements which tell us what they are building, when it will be built and shipped. If there are discrepancies between what they acknowledged and what we ordered these will be worked out.

During this period you will be receiving Status Reports from us showing the status of each of the items on the order. As things change you are updated on the status.

Shipping / Receiving

The manufacturer completes the items, boxes or wraps them, places them on a truck which whisks it away and delivers it to our warehouse. Once at our warehouse our very conscientious crew goes through each item to make sure that it arrived in good shape and there is no damage. Occasionally damage does occur so we have to go through the steps of reordering or repairing the product before it is delivered.

Delivery / Installation

This is the final step in the process. We set the date(s) for delivery and bring your stuff out to you. There it is unboxed, unwrapped, set in place, assembled, wiped down and checked to make sure that adjustments are correct.

Punch List

On occasion and with the larger jobs there may be some items that were missing or incorrect and need to be taken care of. Sometimes there are last minute changes; yes, this can happen as well. These issues are put on a punch list so that everyone agrees to what needs to be done and we can track the progress of their completion.

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