Stylex Seating

Stylex Seating

Having been in the business for a really, really long time you get to see some interesting changes take place. From a sleepy “me also” seating company from years ago, Stylex has remade itself into a company with cutting edge design, sleek lines and comfortable seating that can fit any office environment.

Starting in the lobby and places where lounge furniture is needed, take a look at Yoom, Cove and Share. Then move onto the variations of NYC offered in Loose, Relaxed, Standard and Wrapover. You can see and feel the relaxation setting in and see creative juices bubbling up just gazing at the refined appearance of these designs.

Getting up and moving through the office we look into the conference rooms and offices and notice the strong European influence of the lines and strong character of these chairs. Gazing at the F4, Sava (offered in 3 versions: Standard, Mesh Back and Full Mesh) and finishing with the Insight Family and Insight Executive chairs. Just looking upon these you know that once you’re sitting down all new insights will be flowing and problems you are working to solve will almost solve themselves.  The power of great seating is upon you.

Complementing the desk chairs and adorning the conference rooms are the guest chairs. Ranging from Ridge to Nestle on to the Mark 2 and Foundation and finishing with the Insight Wraparound, designed as a complimentary piece to the Insight desk chair. You can see guests sitting well in these chairs and while comfortable you know they won’t be overstaying their welcome, which is the ideal for a guest chair.

When you’ve selected the best for your office you can’t skimp on the other areas such as:

  • Break rooms
  • Training rooms
  • Multipurpose rooms

You need to maintain the same feel throughout your space and Stylex doesn’t disappoint in these areas. With the Multipurpose offering including:

  • Verve, a plastic shelled chair offered in a wide variety of base styles and features
  • Verve Wood, a cousin to Verve but with a full wood shell and limited base options which will bring a touch of high class to any area
  • Allround, a molded wood chair with various upholstery options
  • Brooks
  • Zephyr
  • Bounce
  • Welcome

When you’re looking to set up a collaborative space, Free Address is the place to start. With the options to customize the look, feel and function you can provide your occupants just what they need.

To complete your office, you need a variety of tables to fill certain functions. Stylex offers several lines to fill this need.

Cove and Obair tables for your conference and lounge area side tables.

Adorn and Dia for those special areas where a high design and conversation pieces are needed.

Interested in learning more about Stylex? Get in touch with us to review your needs and to see how Stylex can help fulfil them.

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