Luidia featuring eBeam

Making It Easy To Share, Inform, Collaborate and Innovate

You’ve heard of smart boards and interactive whiteboards. Luidia makes some of the most innovative products for collaboration, sharing and innovating companies or classrooms. With the ease of use, portability, recharging features, online sharing of work sessions and distribution of the work in a variety of formats means that eBeam will fit into your organization easily and at virtually every level.

Creating an interactive space can cost you a small fortune. Considering all of the options in the marketplace you will start around $1200 and can go higher than $3000 depending on the vendor and features you buy.

Unfortunately, what most people don’t take into consideration is a physical board is going to have wear and tear on them so their life expectancy is shorter than you want. Also, as with any program you are generally only using 10% of the actual capabilities of the product, interactive boards are no different. But, you’ve paid for all of the features.

With Luidia’s eBeam products you are able to create interactive spaces with your existing equipment. All of the eBeam products function on hard surfaces. YOU DON’T EVEN need a

Through the use of:

  • eBeam Edge

You now have the tools to share virtually any surface that you want to.

Share your:

  • Whiteboard
  • Whiteboard painted wall
  • Computer monitor
  • Big flat screen tv or monitor
  • Projected surface using a projector
  • Whiteboard safe table top
  • Glass wall
  • Portable whiteboard
  • Flipchart

Have we missed any? You tell us, what you are looking to share . . . we can probably get it done.

Interested in learning more about Luidia and eBeam?  Get in touch with us to review your needs and to see how Luidia and eBeam can help fulfill them.

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