Task Chairs

Task chairs is the class of chairs that most people sit in while working. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and prices but what separates them from other chairs is their ability to be adjusted.

While people sit in all kinds of chairs many can’t be considered task type chairs because they only have a tilt feature and adjustable height.

So let’s look at some options commonly found on task chairs.

Seat Height Adjustment

In the vast majority of task chairs this adjustment is going to be made through a pneumatic gas cylinder. You will get between a 3-4 inch height adjustment with the this feature. The cylinder is activated by using a paddle (on most chairs) or a button or lever (on a few new style chairs).

Seat Tilt Adjustment

This adjustment can be more than the chair tilting. With this feature the seat itself may tilt independent of the back. This allows you to adjust your task chair so that your hips are in a comfortable position. You want to make sure that you are in a more open posture, where your hips are at a 90 or greater degree in relation to your legs. Not all task chairs have this feature.

Forward Tilt Adjustment

The forward tilt feature on task chairs provides an adjustment that lets you dial in the comfort. When a chair has this feature it allows you to tilt the chair so that it is slanted down in the front slightly. Why would you want this? This allows you to do a couple of things.

First, it allows you to open your hips up to a greater degree when desires.

Second, by using the forward tilt you can adjust the chair so your legs are not laying heavily on the front of the seat. This will take the pressure off your thighs so you can keep the blood circulating.

Adjustable Back Height

The adjustable back height on task chairs provides you the ability to set the natural lumbar support in the best place to support your back. Chairs will have a variety of styles of lumbar supports. The height of back can also provide support to your upper back and shoulder areas as well.

Adjustable Lumbar Support

Where the back of the chair is going to have some amount of lumbar area support, this feature is designed to specifically provide more support. This can be done through an adjustment knob, air pump, handles that pull the fabric or mesh tighter or a pillow may be involved.

Adjustable Arms

Having adjustable arms on your task chairs provides support and comfort that your body does need. In only extreme cases would we recommend that your chair not include arms. Adjustments can come in a variety of ways, here are a few of them.

Adjustable arm height

This adjustment is the most common. The arm will move up and down so that it can be adjusted to fit a wide variety of body sizes and types.

Adjustable arm width

This adjustment is where the arm moves in towards the seat and back out. With this adjustment you can fit wide and narrow body styles better. It also allow people that have broad or narrow shoulders feel comfortable.

Swivel arm pads

Task chairs with the swivel arm pads will typically be in the mid to upper ranges of the category. This would typically be in the $375.00 plus range. The swivel arm pads let the user adjust the chair so as you are sitting in it the pads can be swiveled to support more of the arm depending on the type of work you may be doing.

Tilting Arms

Those individuals in law enforcement and security will appreciate this feature. Task chairs with this feature allows the user to completely clear the arm out of the way of a holster, radio or other equipment that may be worn on the belt. This arm can then be tilted back up when equipment is not in the way. This relieves the user of needing to remove the arm when wearing equipment.

Look for these kind of features on your task chairs to give you the best fit for each user.

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