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eBeam got its start in education.  Their new products feel as much at home in the corporate world as they do in classrooms. Now with better software and more portable features you can carry an entire presentation board in your pocket, briefcase or purse.

Using your existing assets of a projector, computer and


White board


Glass board


Solid wall


Computer monitor




Table top

You can turn any of these into a fully functional “smart surface” to run a presentation, meeting, collaborative event, on-line meeting, brainstorming session, etc. etc. etc.  When two or more people get together on an idea you have a flow of energy, ideas and excitement.  eBeam helps you capture, manipulate / change / adapt / present / save and distribute the creation easier than ever.  Best of all, it can be set up in a moments notice and taken down just as quickly.

eBeam is a combination of hardware and software. The hardware is small, portable and super easy to set up.

The software is based on use of the white board and combining that with the operation of your computer.

The popularity of white boards is almost unmatched. The development of whiteboard paint is a new phenomenon and the costs on this are continually coming down. eBeam covers either of these styles with ease by using a variety of mounting styles.

Don’t have a white board or painted white board wall? No worries, you can use any hard surface that you project your computer onto. So, just put it on the drywall, we do this a lot. No, you won’t mark up your wall.

Have a fancy short throw projector that puts the image on your table or counter top (like CSI) then attach this to your horizontal surface and go to town.

Flexibility is key, work in the manner that is most comfortable to you and allow the product to meet your needs. We developed an entire ecommerce site for this product line. You can find it here: www.ebeamrocks.com

Click On This Image To Go To eBeamRocks.com.

There you will find all kinds of information on the eBeam Product line.