Global is a company based in Canada with show rooms and distribution centers placed throughout the US. 33 of these centers located in the lower 48 states provides an unprecedented availability of stock items and showrooms.

Global has also been one of the most prolific companies in introducing new products through each year. While the new items are not always immediately available you get a real sense they are working diligently at expanding the line and maintaining a forward push on design and style.

Very well known for their seating products (somewhere in the XX series) they have built an excellent reputation for

When searching for products for your new office or updating your existing space, Global is an excellent starting place for both design and pricing.


Starting with their most popular product lines, Princeton and Zira, Global has kept pace with the market for developing lines that are customizable and stylish.

Princeton provides an an open feeling towards the office. Fitting in the “desking” envrionment where most of the walls are either removed or replaced with glass. The standard product offering is substantial.

Zira is designed to work well in the office and group settings. With a more expansive offering of standard pieces there really isn’t a layout that you can’t build with these pieces. Zira also provides different base styles so you can customize the look even further.

Rounding out the laminate products are:

Each has their own distinctive look and feel but considerably fewer standard pieces that Princeton or Zira.

Global offers two types of laminate finishes Low Pressure Laminate and High Pressure Laminate. For most office environments the Low Pressure will work just fine. If you have heavy use or high traffic areas you may want to consider the High Pressure Laminates. This does create an upcharge on the pricing.


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