Friant is a California based manufacturer. Their products range from basic panel systems (or cubicles) to laminate and wood casegoods (desks, credenzas, tables, cabinets, etc.) Friant Furniture has also developed a small grouping of chairs that allows you to single source your purchasing of furniture.

Friant Panel Systems

From the basic look of System 2

Friant System 2 Team Cubicle

To the more refined Novo

Friant Novo Open Team Layout

All the way to the more engineered Tiles

Friant Tiles Quad Cubes

Friant has all of the bases covered in the cubicle area.

Whatever look you are desiring you can achieve it within the Friant Furniture Line.

Friant Open Office System

Friant’s newest addition is called Verity. Verity is an a benching or open-office product designed to provide a collaborative space where team members can see and be seen easily. Innovative storage components can provide for a divided space if necessary while also supplying the sometimes required overhead storage.

Friant Verity Team with panel divider
Friant Verity Open Office Team

Friant Gitana Laminate

Gitana Laminate provides a lower cost alternative to outfitting your offices. From reception to the executive suite Gitana can fill the needs of every space.

Interested in learning more about Friant? Get in touch with us to review your needs and to see how Friant can help fulfill them.

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