Encore Seating

Encore Seating


As parents we always look for our offspring to thrive and grow with the values that we’ve instilled in them. With a parent company of Arcadia behind the success of Encore they should be very proud indeed.

The genes for great design and function have been well established in all of the products that Encore offers.

With clean lines, soft curves and a few sharp angles you can see some of the European influences along with some throwbacks to the midcentury modern designs which are very popular now.

Encore provides items for:

  • Executive and Task Seating
  • Guest and Stackable Seating
  • Tandem and Beam Seating
  • Lounge and Modular Seating
  • Stools
  • Benches
  • Occasional and Meeting Tables

We will be exploring the offerings as time permits but here are a few of the noteworthy items.

Executive & Task Seating

Editor – Editors back is fairly substantial proving good back support. Fully upholstered seat with a variety of mechanism and arm choices allows for ample customization to your needs.

Kamio – Having been around a while it has proven itself many times. With a breathable mesh back and adjustable lumbar pillow you can make it support you where needed.  A comfortable seat allows for Kamio to support you all day long.

Encore Kamio Seating
Encore Kamio Seating

Simplex – With multiple choices in the mesh back you can select the color that fits your office design and style. A built-in seat slider provides the ability to tailor the fit to an individuals need.

Guest & Stackable Seating

Encore Chance Guest Chair
Encore Chance Guest Chair

Chance & Lingo – Two designs that have been around for a while now. They both offer excellent comfort, stacking capabilities and legs finishes to meet your design requirements.

Momento – As the sibling to the Momento conference and task chair it has a very fine line to it. With a slightly sloped arm and thin profile it is not overwhelming in the space.

Encore Momento Seating
Encore Momento Seating

Ole – A wood formed “bucket” style chair it has very distinctive circle cutouts on each side. With a range of color options to choose from this is a chair that will get noticed by everyone in your office.

Tandem & Beam Seating

Mozie – Adapting the Mozie side chair to allow for connecting pieces brings a whole new feature to this line. With straight and corner connectors you can provide a very stylish waiting area look.

Encore Mozie Side Chair
Encore Mozie Side Chair

Suite – Like Mozie Suite provides adaptable features to connect pieces for a solid reception / waiting area.

Whim – Sitting on a robust beam the Whim seats come in a perforated or solid back look. With upholstery options as well you can make Whim look as you need it.

Lounge & Modular

Chirp Lounge – With a minimal look and base options the Chirp Lounge will not overwhelm your space.

Encore Chirp Lounge Seating
Encore Chirp Lounge Seating

Dabble Modular – With a fun look this customizable bench allows you to create the shape(s) that best fit your need.

Visor Lounge – When more privacy is needed Visor can be the answer. With a variety of back sizes you can create a space from open to more private.


Chance & Lingo – Matching their cousins in the standard height seating these stools provide great support and a look that is exceptional.

Flurry – like it’s stackable version the Flurry Stool has the same distinctive back cut outs that allow for some air circulation.

Wake – For a distinctive no back stool, Wake is a fun look to brighten up your collaboration and break areas.


Cielo – A clean almost retro look makes Cielo distinctive. The metal frame forms an “X” to signify that “X” marks the spot to sit at.

Popover – Just like they just came out of the oven, these whimsical lightweight poufs can assist in providing a dynamic changing space as the need arises.

Occasional & Meeting Tables

Mozie – A straight forward style with a variety of top styles and base colors.

Hado – With an angled leg detail this line fits well in both the reception area and meeting rooms.

Encore Hado Occasional Table
Encore Hado Occasional Table

Skyline – The solid square base provides ample support for short and tall tables.

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