Coronavirus Social Distancing For Office Spaces

As you are working to determine what needs to be changed we thought these layouts with dimensions may be helpful for you.

While the quantity of layouts in the modern office is almost infinite these provide a context for a number of different scenarios that you can then use to estimate what you have and how it may need to be changed. Each one is provided with a small amount of description.


6 Foot by 6 Foot L Desks

With a common size of 72″ x 72″ these people are already over the 6 foot distance guidline. Provided they generally sit in the middle of their space and there is some distance between the desk units the 6 foot distance can be maintained.

6 Foot by 6 Foot L Desks In a Group

As with the pair above all of the staff in this layout are generally at or over the 6 foot recommended distance. If panels are included in the layout and they are taller than 50″ the distance air has to travel up and over the panels or dividers will be in excess of 6 feet.


4 Pack with 6 foot by 6 foot cubicles

As an expansion of the last layout here again the staff is generally at or above the recommended distance.

In a teaming layout such as this the space can change as people move about performing their work, so it will be imperative to remind / train staff to maintain the required distance as they are moving, changing and performing their work.

Facing Working Spaces

In this layout we are showing staff that are facing each other in an open environment. 

The staff that are directly across from each other generally just meet the distance guideline. But is may be advisable to have these “pairs” alternate their working days to alleviate potential personnel stress from anyone that may feel they are too close. 

Those that are back-to-back or diagonal well exceed the distance requirement.


42" by 31" Bull Pen Layout

In this layout you are experiencing a tight layout with the distancing guidelines. While not shown the distance for face-to-face staff exceeds the 6 foot dimension. The 31″ deep surfaces help to make this happen. If you have panels taller than 50″ dividing the center line the distance is easily exceeded by air traveling over the panels.

Side-to-side staff will likely need to be alternated to meet the requirement as the current distance is only 42 inches.

Back-to-back occupants are easily exceeding the distancing guidelines.

60 x 30 Open Desk Bull Pen

Similar to our last example the deep desk helps to meet or exceed the distance requirement for face-to-face personnel.

However the side-to-side occupants cannot meet that requirement and are only 54″ apart in normal working positions. Alternating is a likely best alternative to creating a safe environment.


Do you have a specific layout you’d like to examine or explore? Drop us a note, give us a call to discuss your dimensions and layouts and we can develop the dimensions for you.

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