Clear Design

Clear Design

Your office in about a week!!!

With a wide range of products and several finishes to choose from there isn’t much you can’t accomplish with the FAST shipping program.

Have a little more time? The range of laminate choices for tops expands exponentially as they offer the entire line of Wilsonart laminates through the FX program. Extra time is needed for this program with the production taking 3-4 weeks before shipment.

The Clear Design product line ranges from “desking” products to height adjustable table, a variety of desk, conference and guest chairs and finishing with reception / lounge seating and tables.  There is enough available to outfit your entire office.


Blade Desking

Clear Design Blade Desking
Clear Design Blade Desking

Blade desking product can be specified as individual desk sections or built as a unit. Cabling and electrical are handled through products that attached to the underside of the desk units. Front and side dividing panels/screens can help carve out each occupant’s space and provide a little visual privacy as well as tackable fabric, whiteboard and glass screens.

Drawer storage is also incorporated into the product line to customize storage needs for each person.

Height Adjustable Surfaces

The Boost Height Adjustable product allows for the crucial ergonomic feature of a sit-to-stand desk.

Clear Design Boost Height Adjustable Desking
Clear Design Boost Desking

Basic table shapes are available from Clear Design. You can also use their Boost Bases on your own supplied tops.

Electrical for the Boost product can be supplied through the Boost Power and Data Bridge. This is a freestanding elevated bridge that provides power in a straight line to connect your Boost table bases. There is a generous cavity for data/phone cabling in the bridge as well.


Three60 Tables

Three60 Tables provides for a range of conference and collaboration tables. Available in sitting and standup heights along with the various sizes meets most needs in the current active office.

Clear Design Three60 Conference Table
Clear Design Three60 Conference Table

Optima Training Tables

The Optima Training Table products fills the needs for adaptable training tables.  Offered from 24” x 48” up to 30’ x 72” the tables work in most training rooms layouts. Adding available electrical get the power to where it’s needed quickly and efficiently.

General tables fill the remaining needs in huddle spaces, break rooms and general meeting areas.


Clear Design covers the sitting product with a variety of modern looking adjustable chairs. Meeting a range of pricing and features the chairs can easily become your office standard.

Desk chair, conference and general purpose chairs are offered through these series:

  • Reflex
  • Razor
  • Fusion
  • Epic
  • Vogue
  • Ice
  • Kule 2
  • Blaze
  • Koze, newly updated soft seating product
Clear Design Chair Options
Clear Design Chair Options
Clear Design Koze Lounge Seating
Clear Design Koze Lounge Seating

Once you explore the line you will see that Clear Design has all of the bases covered.

Interested in how this might look in your office? Contact us for an office evaluation and layout advice on using the Clear Design product line.

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