Cambridge Sound Management

Sound Masking

The acoustics of an office can be a critical element and the difference between a healthy and productive environment and well, the other end of the spectrum.

Disturbing Office Noise

The move to open offices, low walls, desking, benching, whatever you want to call it has created an environment that can be noisy, distracting and difficult to work in. In the past when people were surrounded by panels or cubicles these walls did provide a way to break up the sound and provide some filtering of what was heard. When these panels are lowered or removed everything gets through to everyone.

Whether its a cell phone going off, an associate talking with a family member, someone blowing their nose or a sick person coughing and hacking their way through the office. This unfiltered noise can be a pain for all involved.

HIPAA Compliance and Confidentiality

If your company or organization deals with health records, legal records, confidential conversations or other highly sensitive information then you understand the steps that you must take to secure this information. Conversations must be monitored to be certain prying ears do not overhear things. Conference rooms and offices get extra insulation to make certain very little gets through the walls or ceiling. But this is not always enough.

Sound Masking

Sound Masking is a way to add certainty that all communication is being kept secure, private and complies to necessary rules and regulations.

Sound Masking in the past has been a very technical product to install. Plenum systems used to be the only method available to achieve any kind of sound masking. With these systems all of the equipment is installed above the ceiling and required a number of different speaker types which would send sound out that bounced around the ceiling space and finally made its way into the office space through cracks in the ceiling. While this is a fairly inefficient delivery method it also requires a skilled technician to tune the system and anytime changes are required the technician is pretty much the only person who can work the system.

The innovation of the Cambridge Sound Management system is the sound masking sound is placed directly into the required area. Through the use of emitters that can be mounted

  • in the ceiling
  • on walls
  • on columns
  • pretty much anywhere needed

allows for a lot of customization in the system. With a variety of control consoles available you can set up a small area of an office or an entire building. The basic system is operated from the control panel, the most advanced is mounted in the computer room and can be control from your computer through internet access.

The most recent innovation is the Cambridge Speech Management system. This system uses the same technology but is designed to create private areas around conference rooms, specific offices, counselor areas, etc. This is a stand alone product that does not interface with the other Qt systems, but does use the same emitters.

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