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For the past 20 years casegoods made from plastic laminates has been a mainstay in the office world. With the relative low price, wide range of product types and combinations and the consistency of the look and finish even high end installations have featured these products prominently in their designs.

AIS Calibrate Casegoods line meets and exceeds the design needs of most offices. With 21 standard laminates available, options for pull hardware and a variety of metal leg styles to compliment the overall line you can’t go wrong with this product.

From the reception area through the main office into the private office / executive spaces and finishing in the conference rooms Calibrate can answer all of your questions that begin with “what should we use in this area?”

Products to meet any need – Let’s begin in the reception

Beginning in the reception area the very basic design of the gallery surrounded desk unit is a very popular look. This doesn’t fit the need of every design style and in some cases it may appear (dare we say it – a little boring.)

To take this up a notch may we suggest that you explore the concept of the “desk stack.” This is a unit that provides a reception height counter that simply stacks onto a standard desk shell. This is truly designed to be smaller in width that the desk shell so that you leave space on the ends or even in the middle for a desk height counter. When this unit is specified with a coordinating laminate it creates a very stunning look that fits into any new design trend that is in the market.

Add LB Lounge product and/or Volker Cubes to the mix and you have the makings of a great looking initial impression to your office.


LB Lounge and Tables With Volker Cubes

Products to meet any need – Let’s Move into The Main Office

AIS Calibrate with Matrix Panel Wall
AIS Calibrate 2 Person Layout

Your main office, and let’s be honest – this is where the real work gets done, can continue the impression that began in the reception area.

Whether you are using freestanding Calibrate in an open office setting or surrounding Calibrate with one of AIS’s many panel systems or combining it with Oxygen or Aloft you can create an engaging space that fits the working needs of the staff along with a visual impression to visitors that says, “serious work gets done here.”

But wait, we’re not finished.

Products to meet any need – Let’s Move To The Executive

Yes, even the executive offices or suite will feel right at home with Calibrate.

With Calibrate’s ability to dress up it can meet the needs of your executives, without breaking the bank. Begin with a credenza wall that can support tackable surfaces topped with open or closed storage units. Move to the sides and we feature tall storage for those pesky items like over coats, winter coat or workout clothes.

On to the executive desk and let’s make that a height adjustable unit that is dressed up with laminate cases to support the height adjustable legs. This allows the desk to look like a high end executive unit when at the seated height and a very cool feature when the desk top is raised. Pair this with a frameless glass modesty panel and you’re executive will be the envy of their peers, again without breaking the bank.


Products to meet any need –

But We’re Not Done Yet – HowAbout Conference Tables

A growing element of any current office is the need for conference spaces. And not just any spaces, these rooms need to allow users to plug in, tune out and concentrate on what is being presented.

AIS didn’t drop the ball here. With matching laminates you can create a consistent theme throughout your office or coordinate the look to help provide interest and appearance.

Tables with inserts for electrical, data and other connections, accessory pieces to support the workings of the conference room like storage and buffet credenzas help to fill in the spaces.

Accessories like mobile white boards and Volker Cubes to provide a fun and idea generating space allows the Calibrate line to fit into virtually any need.

And when you add the abundance of seating styles that AIS provides you can see that all of your needs can be easily accommodated within a single manufacturer.

AIS Calibrate Conference Table

Finishes to meet any design need and trend

With AIS’s standard laminate offering you can develop a
finish palette to meet the current design trends and those of your office.

Here’s a link to the current AIS Calibrate Finishes: CLICK HERE.

The standard paint offerings cover a wide range of ideas as

well. You can add metal details and storage to the Calibrate line to help
expand its capability and shave costs if needed.

Here’s a link to the current AIS Paint options: CLICK HERE


For more information on the Calibrate product line download the current AIS Calibrate Brochure: CLICK HERE

For More Information

Interested in how the Calibrate product line can work in your office to meet your growing and changing needs?  Drop us a line so we can start the discussion.

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