We’ve mentioned this before in our weekly broadcast and will certainly do it again.

How would you like to run 10 marathons this year?

Now, I’m not a runner and don’t really enjoy it when I do (which is like never) but I understand it takes a lot of energy to do this and would burn HUGE amounts of calories. Well it turns out you can burn these same number of calories over a year by taking a very simple step . . . and stand more.

Turns out that a study was done to prove this in the UK. They asked a group of volunteers to stand for 3 hours a day while working. Now they didn’t just stand, they were also wire up with a accelerometer (a fancy device that measures movement), a heart rate monitor and a glucose monitor to measure blood sugar levels. They wore these devices day and night for a week.

Here is some of what they found:

  • Blood glucose levels fell back to normal faster after a meal far more quickly after standing
  • Through the use of the heart rate monitors they could see the volunteers burned more calories while standing

The heart rate increased about 10 beats per minute while standing and this translated to around 0.7 calories more per minute. While it doesn’t sound like much:

  • 0.7 calories per minute equals 42 calories per hour
  • 42 calories per hour equates to 126 calories per day (3 hours of standing)
  • 126 calories per day grows to 630 calories per week
  • 630 calories per week means about 31,000 calories per year.

And this apparently equates to around 10 marathons worth of calories in a year all from standing just 3 hours a day – think you could handle this? We encourage you to try to stand more, your heart, health and waist line will all thank you for it.

Now back to our stretching.

Today let’s start with The Happy Cheer

Deskercise The Happy Cheer
Clasp your hands together above your head and stretch upward. Follow this up with the “spirit fingers” or some other free spirited movement to get the blood flowing.





Next is The Leaning Tower of Cheer

Deskercise The Leaning Tower

We’re going to repeat The Happy Cheer, but this time we want to lean our arms and shoulders from one side then the other. This won’t be easy if you have indulged too much at the company outing last night – you have those right?

Matthew Brooks

Matthew has been in the Office Furniture business for over 36 years - that's a long time.

As the owner of Interior Dimension he strives to provide the highest level of service to our clients to keep them truly excited about working with IDI.

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