Our friends over at Sit On It Seating have just released a few white papers and one of them is on this topic.  Since we would agree on most of what they said we won’t recreate the wheel.

Here are a few of the highlights:

Determining How Long The Chair Will Last – 

In general we have stated that the average is around 7-8 years.  The white paper agrees with this but also adds that depending on the warranty period you might actually get 12-15 years.  We won’t argue that some chairs out there will last that long – but our experience says less is usually the case.

It will depend on the environment (clean vs dirty), how many shifts it is used on, the upholstery used and the other options included.

Signs That Indicate Replacement is Needed – 

The appearance of the chair – this also speaks to the attitude of the company.  When something looks worn and is not replaced it can often times be indicative of the attitude of corporate as to the concern they have of employees.  Just a thought.

Is stuff falling off?  This is s sure sign it is wearing out.

How comfortable is it – comfort has a big impact on productivity.  The paper makes a great point in looking at the cost of productivity of a worker.  The lost productivity of poor seating can add up quickly – this is a real strong point that should be considered more than it is.

Seat foam – has this failed or in a failing state?  The seat foam is a critical part of the comfort of the chair.  In general the less you paid for the chair the faster this is going to fail.

Planning for Replacement

In so many other areas of the office, planning for replacements is standard practice.  Furniture?  Not so much.  it has a limited life in function, appearance and comfort.  Computers are going to wear out as is the furniture – so plan for it either in yearly budgets or as an accumulation expense so when you need to – its there.

To check out the complete White Paper click HERE.

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