Pierce Stacking Chair on Glides


Pierce 3500C Price Range $120 – $196

Pierce multi-purpose chair without arms. Chair legs are “wall-saver” style.
Available with 6 color options for the seat and back with optional upholstery on the seat. Grey (Silver) frame is standard.
Stacks 8 high on the floor and 30 high on the dolly (Model #3500DOLLY)
Also available with glides and as a stool. This model is available on QuickShip
Here are the specific options you can work with:

  • Shell Color Option
  • Seat Upholstery Option
    The basics are:
    (Dimensions are in inches)

  • Width:20
  • Depth:23.5
  • Height:34

    The price range (if any) is due to the variety of options, finishes and grades of materials used

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