Starting out as a simple table and top vendor with a section of OEM parts to meet a growing demand of non-branded product Enwork has grown into one of the most prolific table manufactures in the market today.

Products now range now include:

Enwork can be your go to supplier for all of these items. Yes, they have their standard finishes available but they don’t shy away from offering ALL of the laminate vendors products (upcharges apply).

If you are looking for unique meeting spaces Enwork can deliver. Check out the Equilibrium table line for starters. This table line has a simple center support structure with cantilever arms that stretch to the ends of the table. Except for the center of the table all of the bases are removed completely freeing up the hassle of kicking bases while your meeting.

The very popular Foundation table provides hollow bases and a trough under the center of the table that allows for complete hiding of the nest of wires that that the modern office requires.  When the floor box is placed properly everything can be hidden.

In a new first, Lugano offers a height adjustable conference table base. People getting sleepy during the meeting? Raise the table, get everyone standing there’s not telling what new creativity will occur with a flush of new energy.

Training tables run the gamut from simple locking casters to flip top versions with electrical to the Impressions line which offers a motorized chase to raise and lower monitors and keyboards.

Open Plan and Benching, which has become a mainstay for current commercial offices, is tackled by four different product lines:

Each has their own distinctive look and feel but with an underlying quality that permeates the entire Enwork line.

And lest you think Enwork is not a one stop shop, seating is also available.

Through various acquisitions and development Enwork has created a simple offering of Lounge, Guest, Desk and Conference chairs. With several options to meet differing demands for features.

To check out more of the Enwork line drop us a note with some of your specific interests and we will get right back to you.

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