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The High Cost of Low Priced Chairs

Saving money has been a part of life since time began. I am sure that the cavemen and women were haggling over how many furs would be a fair trade for a slab of mastodon meat.

So when it comes to office furniture we see a very wide range of offerings in the market. Today we want to explore the seating section of this market.

When it comes to seating there are lots of options and price points. It may surprise many of you to discover that you can spend anywhere from $49.00 to well over $2,000 for a single chair. Now I’ll wait a minute for you to wrap your brain around that before we continue. Yes, you could spend 4 times what I paid for my first car (1971 Olds Toronado, it was yellow with a tan landau roof, a very sweet ride and I paid $500 for it) on a chair and no it won’t do your work for you.

You could also go to your local office supply store and pick up a chair for as little as $49.00 or about what you might spend at Applebee’s when buying dinner for 4 (not including alcoholic drinks). But should you spend this little.

The answer is, it depends. What is the primary use of this chair. If you are going to sit on it for 8 hours a day 5 days a week, we submit that you will spend way more in chiropractic adjustments than the cost of a more expensive chair, SO DON’T BUY IT !!!!! If you are buying it for temporary use, say 15-30 minutes a day and just as a place to support a body, but not do any “real” work, then yes, it may be fine for that purpose.

We have been selling chairs for a long time and have seen them all. And through all this time we always suggest that you buy the best chair you can afford. Spend you money first on the chair, second on all of the other furniture. You can make a fine work table out of a door slab and saw horses and be out maybe $50. If you buy a chair that doesn’t fit your needs you will be out much more than the cost of the chair. A poor chair decision will cost you in:
• Comfort
• Support
• Productivity
• Attitude
• Morale
Any or all of these will be much more costly to your business.

So look for the best you can afford. As a starter we suggest a few of these features should be on your required list:
• Adjustable seat height, usually included
• Adjustable back height
• Adjustable lumbar support, your back will thank you for this
• Adjustable seat depth, we are not all the same height and this helps a single chair fit more people
• Seat tilt with tilt lock
• Forward seat tilt, this helps in fine tuning adjustments
• Adjustable height arm rests, again we are all different sizes

There are many more features that can be available but these will get you started.

For more chair features and ideas go to our seating section at

Till next time.

Matthew Brooks

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