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Chair adjustment review

A new week and time for a re-newed look at how you’re sitting.

Yeh I know you say “but Matt, you’ve covered this before.” And I respond, “yep, your right and this won’t be the last time that we take a look at this.” When was the last time you learned something or created a habit after the first try? How many times did it take to develop the habit? Or if you were changing a habit how long or how many times doing it differently did it take before you formed the new habit? Probably more than you care to admit. So we will be going over this more than once this year and several times next year.

If you are sitting like any of these,

BGP Bad Posture

well you have problems. Now we say that somewhat tongue in cheek because part of our philosophy is to start from the zero position, what we are going to describe next, and then move to whatever position you feel comfortable with. But, if your body is hurting during the day or at the end of the day and you have’nt run a marathon that day, you may want to consider your posture and make some changes.

So here is our starting position or zero position:

Seated Posture

This posture is a good start. Work to get comfortable with it over several days. You’d be surprised at how quickly your body can adjust to a new position if you give it a chance.

After several days of forcing yourself to sit like this then make minor adjustments. But after each adjustment give your body time to get used to it and “lock” it in as the new normal. Within a couple of weeks you won’t go back to the old habit and wonder how you could have sat like that.

But also remember:


You need to give your body a break from sitting at least every 45 minutes, preferably 35. Get up, shake it out, walk around, stretch and then “recenter” your seated posture like shown above.

Let us know how it works for you

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