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Interior Dimension (IDI) is a small organization that prides itself on very personal attention to all of our clients.

If you are looking for a company that is full of “teams,” “project managers,” multiple departments and lots of bureaucracy then you’ve come to the wrong place. 

But, if you are looking for a company that allows you to work directly with the owner, a seasoned professional and a flexible organization that can easily adapt to your specific needs and process of purchasing furniture and all of the related services then you’ve arrived at the right place.

While IDI is based in Missouri, we perform work for clients all over the country. Our “virtual” nature allows us the flexibility to bring the services you need to you regardless of where you’re located.

Need furniture in St. Louis? We have established relationships that provide us with unlimited warehouse and storage and as many installers as is required for the project. 

Need work in Orlando, Denver, Plano, New York, Hartford, Baton Rouge? Just about anywhere in the country that you can imagine we can assist you. Wouldn’t it be nice to consolidate your business to a single source rather than having multiple organizations and the hassle of managing them? Let’s talk.

Our leader, Matthew Brooks, Chief Client Happiness Officer, has been the industry since 1981. There’s a lot of history and experience there that allows him the ability to size up situations quickly and provide guidance on virtually any aspect of your office that is troubling you. 

We provide furniture, installation, storage, design guidance, relocation management, project management and just about anything else you might need in an office related project.

We’ve organized our site into 4 distinct groups that will help you find the resources and information about our services quickly and easily. Check them out below or look for the links above. 

Want to discuss a project with no pressure? We love to chat and we think our advice is pretty good. Give us a call or drop an email at the contact information below.


Office Furniture

Office furniture encompasses so many different styles today
that it’s easy to get lost in fads, jargon and constantly changing ideas of
what you should be doing. As our slogan says “Providing
a Stress & Hassle Free Step-by-Step Process to Your Furniture Needs” we
strive to make your life easier when it comes to your office and needs. Here you will find ideas, products and pricing (see the catalog) to help
you start your journey.

Check it out by clicking HERE

Mover and installer graphic

Installation and Moving Services

Even when you’re not buying furniture there are changes, moves, repairs and the occasional move of a few people, to departments to the entire office.  We’ve got this part down to a science and as with everything else we do it makes your life easier and might even (dare we say??) FUN?

Check it out by clicking HERE

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The Ultimate Furniture Catalog

Find the items you are looking for and build your budget at the same time. Our categories and product lists grow every week. Need something we don’t show yet? Let us know.

Check it out by clicking HERE

Library of Congress Building


While we don’t have a building
this size, we do have lots of resources and information to offer. Feel free to
stroll through our virtual aisles and showrooms to see what is available.
This may get that inner designer creative juices boiling with what your office can be.

Check it out by clicking HERE