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Welcome to Interior Dimension

IDI specializes in Commercial Office Furniture for all sizes and types of businesses. Office Furniture is what we do and is our passion. If you are looking for Office Furniture in the St. Louis MO area we can help. We continually strive to improve our process to make your experience Stress and Hassle Free.

Our website is designed to help you find furniture options to fit your needs. Whether you are looking for office chairs, desks, files, cubicles, tables or other furniture you will find it here. If you are looking for information on who we are and how we work check out our Resources section.

There’s lots of good stuff there if that’s what floats your boat.

Got questions? Go to Contact Us and Let us know what we can do to help you.

Getting Around

Clicking on the picture links below will take you directly to the sections.

We don’t stop with the improvement of our furniture operation, we want your on-line experience to be great as well, please let us know what we can do to improve our website, thanks.

  • Furniture Typicals

    This section reviews a lot of different layouts and ideas for your office


    Here you will find almost every style/type of chair


    This section is filled with details on the basics to newest ideas in desks


    Here you will see the different types and styles of cubicles we have available

    Files / Storage

    File cabinets and storage options are located here


    Whether it is a conference, training or occasional table you can find it here


    Here you will find items to help you be more productive and comfortable in your work area.

    Cool Stuff

    Things to make you productive and solve some problems can be found here


    If you are looking for a specific company look here.

  • Furniture

    Providing Furniture is a process and we outline what we do here

    Delivery / Installation

    We cover the basics of delivery and installation of furniture here

    Service / Maintenance

    Furniture sometimes needs to be maintained, as well as other areas of your office

    Move Coordination

    Moving can be stressful for everyone. Here you can find a process that will help

    Design Services

    Design involves more than picking colors and finishes. There is an art and science to it. Here is our take on the process.

  • Client List

    This is a partial list of our clients, testimonials and video chats with some of them.


    Furniture is pretty universal, so we have covered a lot of industries

    Client Project Profiles

    Here are some of the profiles of client projects

  • Newsletters

    Our newsletter provides some great information on furniture, offices and business life


    Ergonomics can be a key to solving pains and increasing productivity. Here are some ideas

    Design Ideas

    The furniture industry continues to evolve and change, here you will find some different ideas.

  • Used & Preowned Furniture

    Here you will find resources to our used and preowned office furniture



It’s what we do and love. We have a lot of experience providing furniture solutions to our clients.

We have broken down our site into the core areas that we work in. Nothing fancy, just simple, its what we like to do, simplify. Here you will find ideas and solutions based around the furniture we can supply.

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Everything from how we process orders to furniture delivery, installation and service.

Are you moving your office? You can find details that will help. We also cover some basic areas of design and layouts in this section as well.


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We love our clients and we enjoy taking care of them. From small 2-3 person offices to large corporations, we cover a lot of people.

We would like to see your name added to this list soon so you can experience what these companies do, when buying their furniture.

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We like to read and study the current trends in the furniture industry and related fields.

Here you will find a plethora of ideas and thoughts. If you are looking for something specific and don’t find it, let us know.


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Interior Dimension

Interior Dimension

Happy Spring - This would make for an interesting lounge chair - don't ya think?

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